Leylandii control

Leylandii control in Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk

Leylandii control is the management of Leyland cypress tree and hedges by way of size reduction, trimming and felling. Due to the ferocious rate at which this species grows and the vast numbers present in our environment, this forms a large proportion of our workload. This species can quickly become damaged with no chance of recovery if the wrong technique is used to manage this species.

Staff at A1 Trees are highly trained and experienced in the various techniques required to manage Leylandii.

Why control a Leylandii?

  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled to improve light.
  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled because of decay and need weight reduction for safety reasons.
  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled to prevent breakage caused by wind sail.
  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled to revive a diseased or dying tree.
  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled in favor of a more valuable tree.
  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled because it has outgrown its location and a smaller crown size be more appropriate.
  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled to make way for construction.
  • A Leylandii may need to be controlled for cosmetic reasons.

Why Choose

Here at A1 Trees, we strive to be the best in our field.  From your first contact with us, we aim to take you on a journey which at each stage will fill you with confidence that you chose the right company.  We are a small enough company where the standards are monitored by the owner, who is the driving force behind the thinking that high quality is essential to succeed; all staff are trained with this ethos in mind.

On every single job work teams have to follow a procedure which has quality at the forefront. To back this up, apart from our long list of devoted clients, upon completing each job, the client is presented with a satisfaction form, which marks us on the whole experience; these completed forms are nothing less than glowing and are available in our office should you need some reassurance.

Our work follows the latest recommended best practices and we follow the British Standard BS3998 Tree work recommendations  


Tree surgery is one of the most dangerous occupations in the U.K.

Poor standards can lead to DEATH !

According to the HSE, every year on average 3 fatal injuries and 155 serious injuries are reported but the HSE estimate that most are not reported, particularly by the small self-employed (these are the guys who usually do the cheapest jobs).

Death and serious injury are a real risk when choosing your tree contractor, so consider their credentials when making your choice. Be responsible and choose wisely to protect yourself from the consequences of something going horribly wrong.

Health and safety is very important to us.

We are proud to be accredited by CHAS who are the main government safety assessor and health and safety authority who vet our practices and systems.

This means that you don’t have to check our systems that you may not understand, just relax knowing that we have already been rigorously checked.


Our staff undergo rigorous training, usually starting as cadets and learning our company ethos and then moving on to gain their relevant formal qualifications.

It is at this point that they are in-house trained to develop into fully experienced professionals and not only lead a team, but become mentors for the upcoming cadets.

At A1 Trees we have a company policy to plant at least two trees to each tree felled. To date we have far exceeded this ratio.

All waste is recycled either chipped for bio-fuel, chipped for landscaping or used for firewood


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